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Please post a note here to indicate you will be joining us, and look on the main comm lucerneridge for the info on the total revamp.

We'll look forward to seeing you again!

Sorry ;;

I'm sorry guys, but I think Vanitas and Oz are going to go home. Their voices have been...honestly, dead for a long time now.

Again, I'm...really sorry you guys. ;;

I hope to see everyone around, though. \o

Fresh Meat!

Hey there guys!

My name is Robin, and I'll be bringing in Gokudera Hayato! You can get in touch with me on my AIM robinyublind or through my plurk rocksintreetops.

Other than that, I'm not sure what else to mention! Please treat me well and I look forward to playing with everyone~!

Dropping. :c

Sorry, guys. Nothing personal or anything, I just... I've been inactive for so long that I don't even know what to do with Xanxus anymore. I've tried so hard to think of something, but. I just can't. That's an obvious sign that it's time for him to go home. I have no desire to app anyone else here, though, so that means I have to leave, too. I really enjoyed my stay here, and I'm honestly sad to be leaving. ;A;

If you still want to keep in touch, you can find me on AIM at zekroms, MSN at zanzasu@hotmail.com, and Plurk at imamafiaboss. Please don't hesitate to hit me up whenever you want to!

So, yeah. Xanxus is going home now. Stay awesome, Lucerne. ♥

Hallo~ :3

Hi everyone! This is Becky again, and I'm bringing my Conrart muse into Lucerne. Let's have fun, okay? :D

Valentine's Event!

Many of you may remember our Halloween doppelganger event. This is pretty much the same, but here's the details:

From now until 11:59pm CST on February 14, your character's appearance may be changing (unless they don't like anyone or they are especially egotistical). The person/thing your character will look like for the next week will be the person/thing that your character has the most positive feelings for; love and crushes taking precedence over other emotions when present. In the absence of love or crushes, these positive feelings can include friendship, trust, respect, lust, etc.

Your character will retain their own mannerisms, speech patterns, and special abilities and will not be able to access the special abilities that are unique to the person/thing your character becomes.

Feb. 4th, 2011

Hello, everyone~!

Mika here with my fifth character. One which is.. -le gasp- a girl.

Her name's Aqua and she's the last to complete the KH:BBS trio. She's a rather nice, kind woman with her morals in all the right places and can make a good friend. Just don't mess with her friends and you'll get along just fine. You mess with Terra or Ven and she'll change her tune real fast.

Welcome her into Lucerne~?

Hmmmmmmmmm this is such a cozy room with such a cozy couch by such a cozy fire... I think I'll just... hug around this muscly pillow and take a nice long nap.

Wait... muscly pillow?! Yikes! Why can't I (want to) let go?!

The Rules:
  1. Post with your character(s.)
  2. Others reply.
  3. Regardless of romantic, friendly, or unhappy feelings towards each other, you are compelled to cuddle.
  4. Hugging, smooching, tummy rubs, spooning, the works!
  5. Have a warm time. :)
[Ooc: Taken from the_love_hotel .

Btw, Welcome back our beloved Ruby-mun!]


For those who don't know me I go by Ri, and I used to play Ruby here! Now he's back, and look forward to tagging with you! For those who do know me... well,




I'm here and I brought back my Ruby to you with a few little differences that I'd like to point out to you in comparison from his last visit here in bullet form:

cut down for sizeCollapse )

Valentine's Event - Part 1

Part one of our Valentine's event is underway. Special love-related items can now be purchased around town. (See the full posting here)

Don't forget, the second stage of the event in which characters will be taking the appearance of their special someones will begin on the 8th of February.

Have fun~!